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Sharpening Service Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?

I am open most afternoons Monday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm, excepting bank holidays.

How can I drop off
my items for sharpening?

Please text, email, phone or use the contact form to schedule an appointment, I run my business part-time, so there might be instances when I'm unavailable.

Are you a mobile sharpener?

No, I do all my sharpening in my workshop at my home address. I can collect and return your items if you are in Dedworth, please text, email, phone or use the contact form.

There is a minimum order value of £30.00 for collection and return orders, payment is required on return of sharpened goods.

Can you repair damaged knife blades?

Yes, I can remove nicks and chips, restore broken off tips, re-heel (straighten the edge of your knife so that it can rest flat against a surface) and reduce bolsters. However, if a blade is severely damaged or broken, it may not be salvageable. I can always take a look at your blade and give you an estimate for the cost of repair. Please see my Professional Knife Sharpening Service page for more details.

What garden hand tools do you sharpen? What about hedge trimmers, chainsaws or cylinder mowers?

I mostly sharpen secateurs, loppers, garden shears, axes, and rotary mower blades etc. See my Garden Tool Sharpening Service page for a full list. Sorry but I don't sharpen hedge trimmers, chainsaws or cylinder mowers at present.

Do you sharpen scissors?

Yes, I sharpen scissors too! Whether they are kitchen, craft, general purpose, fabric or other scissors, I can restore their sharpness for optimal cutting. Please see my Scissor Sharpening Service page for a full list of the types of scissors that I can sharpen.

What about hairdressing scissors, grooming scissors and clipper blades?

No, sorry but I do not sharpen hollow ground or convex edged scissors such as hairdressing scissors, grooming scissors or high end tailoring scissors. Neither do I sharpen clipper blades.

Can you sharpen woodworking chisels and hand plane blades?

Yes absolutely! I have expanded my services to include sharpening woodworking chisels and hand plane blades as well. Please have a look at my Woodwork Tool Sharpening Service page for more information.

How do you ensure my knives and tools are sharpened to my exact requirements?

I take great care to understand your specific sharpening preferences. You can communicate your requirements to me, and I will sharpen your tools accordingly.

What happens to my knives, scissors and garden hand tools during the sharpening process?

Knives are sharpened with precision using professional equipment, I employ a combination of state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, including 3M Cubitron and Trizact belts, along with diamond emulsion sprays and leather stropping belts, to deliver the sharpest edges. Knives and scissors are cleaned and also polished if needed. Garden hand tools are disassembled where possible, thoroughly cleaned, sharpened, adjusted and freshly oiled to protect against rust.

How long does the sharpening process take?

Please allow two to three business days for your items to be sharpened. However, if you have an urgent requirement, please enquire with me. I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

How are my items returned after sharpening?

Knives are safely wrapped to ensure your protection during transport. You can expect your items to be returned in a secure and well-packaged manner.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash or bank transfer.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I stand behind the quality of my work. If you have any concerns or issues with my sharpening service, please let me know, and I will work to resolve them to your satisfaction.

How can I keep my knives sharper for longer?

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen knives sharp:

    1. Use a cutting board or similar surface made from wood, bamboo or plastic, cutting on stone or glass cutting boards, plates, or work surfaces will blunt your knives faster.
    2. Hold your knife upside down and use the spine (top of the blade) to slide food off the cutting board.

    3. Using the right knife for the job will reduce the wear and tear.

    4. Hone your knives regularly: Use a ceramic honing rod once a week to maintain your knives' edges.

    5. Don’t leave your knives to rattle about in a drawer. Store them in a knife block, on a magnetic strip, or in sheaths to protect the blades from damage.    


    6. Hand wash your knives with warm water and washing up liquid, then dry them thoroughly. Using the dishwasher may cause pitting on the blades.


How can I stay updated with your services and offers?

You can follow me on Facebook at


to stay informed about my latest services, offers, and updates.

Why should I have my knives professionally sharpened? What are the drawbacks of using a home knife sharpener?

There are several reasons why professional knife sharpening is preferable to using a home knife sharpener. Home sharpeners often lack the precision and consistency of professional sharpening techniques, which can lead to mediocre results. They often remove excessive amounts of metal if not used properly, weakening the blade, shortening its lifespan, or even causing permanent damage.

Furthermore, home knife sharpeners typically have fixed sharpening angles that aren’t suitable for all types of knives. Chef's knives, cleavers and fillet knives etc require specific angles for optimal performance. Most home sharpeners don’t offer the versatility needed to effectively sharpen a wide range of knives.

Knife sharpening is a skill that requires practice and knowledge. Professional sharpeners undergo training and have experience working with various types of knives. I understand the nuances of sharpening different blade profiles, bevel angles and materials. This expertise allows me to achieve superior results compared to inexperienced individuals using home sharpeners.

Moreover, professional knife sharpeners provide additional services beyond sharpening. I can inspect and address any issues with the knife's edge, such as chips, nicks, or deformities. I am equipped to perform repairs or recommend appropriate actions, ensuring that your knives are sharpened accurately and efficiently while maintaining their longevity.

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