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The Sharpening Gallery

Welcome to the gallery page, where you can see the precision and care I put into each and every sharpening job. I take pride in my craft and am dedicated to providing the highest quality sharpening service in Windsor for all your blades, knives, scissors, and tools.

Yaxell Ran knives sharpened
Shun knives sharpened
Damashiro Knives sharpened
Global knives sharpened
A sharpened Damashiro Emperor knife
Japanese knives sharpened
Serrated kitchen knives sharpened
Wusthof knives sharpened
Wood working chisels sharpened
Bushcraft knives sharpened
Kirpans sharpened
Sharpened Fireman's hatchet
Bypass loppers sharpened
Multi-tools sharpened
Kitchen knives sharpened
IO Shen knives sharpened
Chicago Cutlery knives sharpened
Wusthof kitchen knives sharpened
Cleavers sharpened
Felco secateurs sharpened
Christofle knives sharpened
Sewing scissors sharpened
Secateurs sharpened
Damacus knives sharpened
Heavy duty bypass loppers sharpened
Spear & Jackson anvil loppers sharpened
Wilkinson Sword grass shears sharpened
Rotary mower blades sharpened
Border trowels re-ground
Bypass loppers sharpened
Another set of four sharpened Damashiro Emperor Knives
Mattocks re-ground
Two pairs of sharpened secateurs
Craft scissors sharpened
Vintage Hatchets restored
Heavy duty anvil loppers sharpened
Spear & Jackson garden shears sharpened
A pair of sharpened garden shears
A pair of sharpened garden shears
A pair of sharpened garden shears
Fiskars secateurs sharpened
Lawn edging tools re-ground
Vintage axes restored
Axes sharpened
Agdor hatchets sharpened
A pair of sharpened secateurs
Wolf secateurs sharpened
Fiskars secateurs sharpened
Wilkinson Sword secateurs sharpened
A sharpened rotary mower blade
Kitchen scissors sharpened
Four sharpened Japanese knives
Global knife tips repaired
Splitting mauls sharpened
Kitchen scissors sharpened
A pair of sharpened garden shears
Fabric scissors sharpened
Fiskars bypass loppers sharpened
Edging shears sharpened
A pair of sharpened edging shears
Wilkinson Sword garden shears sharpened
A pair of sharpened loppers.
A pair of sharpened garden shears
Kitchen knives sharpened.
Wusthof scissors sharpened
Hatchets sharpened
Vintage garden shears refurbished
Vintage garden shears restored
Bypass loppers sharpened
Japanese knives sharpened
Garden shears restored
Axes sharpened
Vintage edging shears restored
Vintage billhook restoration
Felco secateurs sharpened
Lawn edging tools re-ground
Wood chisels sharpened
Five assorted kitchen knives.
Singer dressmaking shears sharpened
CK edging shears sharpened
Garden spades re-ground
Weed slicers re-ground
Hults Bruk felling axes sharpened
Hoes re-ground
A pair of sharpened loppers
Hand plane blades sharpened
Hatchets sharpened
Damashiro knives sharpened
Garden shears sharpened
Lock knives sharpened
Robert Welch knives sharpened
Japanese kitchen knives sharpened
Masahiro knives sharpened
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