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Scissor Sharpening

Scissor Sharpening Prices

Craft scissors                             £5.00

Fabric scissors                           £5.00

Floristry scissors                       £6.00

General purpose scissors        £5.00

Kitchen scissors                        £5.00

Nail scissors                                £3.00

Pinking shears                            £8.00

Poultry shears                            £ POI

Tailoring/Dressmaking scissors

                                                       £ POI

Upholstery scissors                  £ POI

Wallpaper scissors                    £6.00

£ POI priced on inspection.

Bevel edged scissors are cleaned, sharpened, lubricated, tensioned, re-set, and tested.

Scissor Sharpening Service in Windsor
Twice as Sharp Sharpening System

I am unable to accept hollow ground or convex edge scissors such as hairdressing, grooming or high end tailoring scissors at this time.

Scissor Sharpening in Windsor

Looking for an expert scissor sharpening service near Windsor, Slough or Maidenhead? Even the highest quality scissors lose their precision edge over time, making cutting frustrating and laborious. My professional scissor sharpening service restores your scissors to better-than-new condition using specialised equipment designed specifically for scissors. I expertly sharpen, tension, and realign the blades so your scissors cut seamlessly again, giving you added control and ease for all your cutting tasks. As Windsor's top-rated local sharpening expert, you can trust me to keep your scissors in peak performing condition.

I utilize Wolff Industries' acclaimed Twice as Sharp® scissor sharpening system from the USA to reliably and accurately sharpen your scissors to perfection. With my sharpening expertise, you can have superb scissor sharpening at an affordable price! Contact me today to refresh and renew your tired scissors.

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