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Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening Prices
(non - ceramic)

Kitchen knives, blade length:

Small up to 150mm (6")            £4.00

Medium 150-225mm (6-9")     £5.00

Large 225-300mm (9-12")       £6.00

Extra large 300mm+ (12"+)    £7.00+

Cleaver                                         £8.00

Hunting or EDC knife                £ POI

Mezzaluna                                   £6.00

Pen knife, per blade                  £3.00

Pizza wheel                                 £3.00

Serrated kitchen knife             £6.00

£ POI priced on inspection.

Sharpening serrated knives may slightly reduce the height of the serrations.


Recut serrations                      +£6.00

Mirror polish edge                   +£5.00

Re-tip, re-heel or remove chips


                                    +£3.00 to £5.00

Sharpening prices include minor repairs to tips and bolsters. Loose knives are returned safely wrapped.

Blades are wiped down with isopropyl alcohol after sharpening, but please wash your knives to remove all traces of stropping compound/emulsion before use.

Knife Sharpening Service in Windsor

A Local Knife Sharpening Service

Searching for an expert blade sharpening service near Windsor, Slough or Maidenhead? My professional knife sharpening business brings convenience and precision blade sharpening to homes and restaurants across east Berkshire. Utilizing modern machinery and techniques, I expertly sharpen each blade to the ideal angle for optimal performance, safety, and ease of food preparation. As Windsor's trusted local sharpening specialist, I'll help you achieve knife perfection.

My sharpening process includes using 3M Cubitron and Trizact belts paired with diamond emulsion sprays and leather stropping belts to produce incredibly sharp, long-lasting edges. I understand affordability is key. That's why I offer quality sharpening without the hefty price tag, so you can enjoy precise, razor-sharp knives that don't break the bank. Contact me today to refresh and renew your tired blades.

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