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Woodwork Tool Sharpening

Woodwork Tool Sharpening Prices

Wood chisel, per 5mm (1/4") width:


                     (minimum charge £5.00)

Hand plane iron                          £6.00


Remove chips or wear >1mm

                                    +£3.00 to £5.00

Woodwork Tools are hollow ground, primary bevel only, allowing easy home sharpening with a whetstone.

Woodwork Tool Sharpening Service in Windsor

Sorry but I do not sharpen wood turning chisels and gouges or electric planer blades at this time.

Woodwork Tool Sharpening in Windsor

Are you looking for professional woodwork tool sharpening near Windsor, Slough or Maidenhead? I understand the importance of maintaining ultra-sharp edges on planes and chisels, whether you're a hobbyist or professional. Blunt or nicked edges make accurate cuts and smooth planing impossible. My specialty woodwork tool sharpening service restores your valued tools to better-than-new condition, refreshing worn blades through expert sharpening.

Woodworking tools represent a significant investment. Regular sharpening is a practical way to protect them, extending their lifespan while keeping them dependable and safe to use. Let me help you care for your woodwork tools. Contact me today to schedule your next sharpening and keep your edges in flawless condition.

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